Opal21 is proud to be the only spa in Atlantic Canada to offer beauty treatments according to the CLARINS protocol for which our beauticians are all specially trained. CLARINS is the perfect combination of high-performance plant-based products and a unique manual method.

Each body wrap includes a full body scrub to remove dry skin, stimulate circulation and help promote maximum penetration of the wrap, as well as a body cream application for deep hydration.

Clarins Plant Based Mud Wrap

$125 / 90 mins

This gentle wrap is formulated with green clay and essential oils. It has a remineralizing action on the skin and promotes a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Skin feels silky soft and comfortable.

Clarins Gentle Polisher

$110 / 45 mins

This high-performing body scrub deeply purifies the skin with double exfoliation benefits (mechanical and biological). This process leaves skin ultra-soft and smooth and increases its resistance.

Moroccan Spice Body Wrap

$125 / 90 mins

An includes a deep exfoliation with Kessa glove and black soap to remove layers of dead skin, and an exotic detoxifying wrap with pure Ghassoul clay which is mined from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This clay is known as one of the most purifying minerals on earth. Lastly, the skin is hyrated with an application of oriental perfumed body oil. This wrap is designed for customers who want a deep detox from head to toe.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Please validate the price at time of appointment.

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